NALP’s Compensation & Benefits Survey is an invaluable business tool that presents accurate and timely industry information by which to benchmark your organization’s compensation levels and compensation and benefits practices. Additionally, it provides current aggregated industry data that NALP and its members can use in educating the public about the industry. Participants that complete the survey by Monday, April 8, 2022, will receive a personalized Company Compensation Report (CCR), a confidential, individualized report of a participant's own survey results shown alongside the appropriate industry benchmarks.

Industry Insights, Inc.:

NALP has partnered with Industry Insights, Inc. (an objective, independent, third-party research company) to collect and compile the results. Industry Insights has more than 40 years of experience in conducting confidential, compensation and benefits benchmarking studies of this nature. All information submitted to Industry Insights (in any format) is securely maintained and held strictly confidential. No individual company data will ever be divulged beyond Industry Insights.

If you have any questions or issues with the NALP Compensation and Benefits Study, please contact:

Industry Insights:
Greg Manns, CPA, CGMA, CITP

Jenn Myers

Participation Formats:

Our goal is to provide you with multiple ways to participate, so you can find a format that works best for you. We will accept surveys from: the online questionnaire; Excel/PDF files uploaded to the site; Excel/PDF files emailed to Industry Insights (; and printed surveys mailed or faxed to Industry Insights.

Online Questionnaire:

You are able to complete the online survey in more than one sitting using password-enabled save and return functionality. As you navigate the forms, your responses will be saved each time you select one of the navigation buttons at the top or bottom of each page. Or, you may click the “Save” button at the bottom of each page to save your work at any time while working on the survey.

When you have completed a given page/section of the survey, please check the box labeled "This section is complete." Your progress can be monitored by returning to the "Home" page and reviewing your completed sections indicated in the survey section table.

Please note – even though you mark a section as complete, you may return at any time to make edits to your form up until the survey deadline date.

Navigating the Online Questionnaire:

You can access each survey section by clicking the appropriate link on the Table of Contents listed on the "Home" page. Navigation buttons are located at the bottom of each page to guide you from section to section. You can also use the Tabs at the top of the page to transition from one page to another.

Saving Data

Please note that your full survey will be saved each time you click "Save" or a navigation button. However, your results for any given section will not be compiled for the final report unless you indicate that the section is complete by checking the box at the bottom of each section labeled "This section is complete."

You will be able to "Submit" your data once all survey sections are marked complete.

Excel File

An Excel version of the questionnaire is available for those who prefer to use this format. Links to download or upload the form are listed on the "Home" page. Simply click the appropriate link to download the file to your computer. Once you complete and save the survey, you can upload the file to this portal by clicking on the “Upload Survey” link. Or, you can send the file to Industry Insights at 6235 Emerald Parkway, Dublin, OH 43016, Fax it to (614) 389-3816, or email it to Greg Manns at (Note – uploading the file through the portal is the most secure method. If you do choose to email the file, we recommend that you password protect the file.)

Please note: Excel based surveys received are not immediately transferred into the online form, but will be processed with the online data during survey compilation.

Adding Users to Your Account

Under the "Organization Admin" in the top menu, you may add multiple authorized users to your account. This section consists of two areas: Authorized Users and Location Management.

Authorized Users

The Authorized Users section is where you can add as many authorized users as you’d like to have access to your account. Each person added as an authorized user may be assigned as an additional organization admin, assigned survey access, and/or assigned reporting access.

The first person who registers the NALP Compensation and Benefits Study account will automatically be assigned the role of "Organization Admin." The Organization Admin can:

  • add additional users as additional organization administrators
  • access and modify the survey and reporting
  • may add and remove additional users
Location Management

If you are a single organization manager/owner, this section will not need modified unless you’d like to change the location name from "Default Dataset." If you manage multiple locations, the system is designed to allow you to manage submissions for each of your locations through one NALP Survey portal account. You may add additional locations here and then assign users to the specific locations for which you will be reporting.

Q: Once I enter my data, is it secure?

A: It sure is. For all of its online survey research, Industry Insights utilizes a secure server (, which is housed at a server site that is SSAE-16 Audited (formerly SAS 70 Certified). This secure server ensures that all data between the server and site users are protected by 128-bit SSL data encryption.

Q: What is the minimum number of companies that need to submit before it will be included in the report results?

A: There is a minimum of 5 participants required before any data point will be reported for both the mean and median values. A minimum of 7 respondents is needed for the 25th and 75th percentiles to be reported.

Q: What do I receive for participating?

A: Survey participants will receive a complimentary copy of the industry report plus a Company Compensation Report with your own club’s compensation and benefits statistics displayed alongside the appropriate industry benchmarking comparatives (in PDF form).

Survey participants will also receive access to an interactive online reporting tools to allow the user to aggregate the results on specific search criteria that cannot be made readily available in a static report. The user may aggregate the data on multiple variables. For instance, users could view the aggregated results for respondents within a specific region AND sales volume category.

Q: Can I give access to the survey to other staff members?

A. The organization administrator may add as many authorized users as he/she would like to add. To do this, you may click the link on the home page titled “Add Additional User” or you may click on the “Organization Admin” link in the top menu bar. Oftentimes, an owner will add an HR director as an authorized user with “Survey” access only. A user with only survey access would be able to edit and view the survey submission for your organization but would not have access to any of the final reports for your organization.

Q: Can I create multiple organization admins?

A: Yes. We actually encourage this as this is helpful in case an organization admin leaves the organization, then there is another person that may access the account. The Organization Admins can:

  • add additional users as additional organization administrators
  • access and modify the survey and access all the report results and reporting tools
  • may add and remove additional users.